Apple’s SVP of internet software and services Eddy Cue recently added Siri and Maps to his responsibilities, and it seems he’s already making his mark on the latter front.

Bloomberg reports that the Maps team’s leader Richard Williamson has left Apple after being “pushed out” by Cue, as he starts the process of improving the much-criticised service.

One source claims that Cue is looking to “install a new leadership team” for the Maps group, although it’s not yet clear whether a new leader has been appointed (and if they have, who it is).

The news shouldn’t come as a surprise, given Apple’s history. Fortune journalist Adam Lashinsky’s How Apple Works article last year gave an insight into similar changes for the team running Apple’s MobileMe cloud service in 2008.

The piece also talked about the importance of the ‘DRI’ for every project at Apple – ‘directly responsible individual’ – making it clear who’s in charge, but also where responsibility lies if there are problems.

Cue and Apple’s task now, following Williamson’s exit, is to find the right DRI to take Maps forward, while also working with existing and new external partners to improve the service.