British mobile operator group EE didn’t get a unanimous chorus of approval when it launched its 4G network earlier this year, with criticism of its relatively meagre data allowances for early adopters.

Now it’s responded by bumping up those allowances by around 60% per tariff. Users with a 2GB monthly plan will now get 3GB of data, those with 3GB will now get 5GB, and those on the 5GB plan will now get 8GB.

The monthly fees for each tariff will remain the same: £46, £51 and £56. However, EE hasn’t changed its lower tariffs: the £36 500MB plan and £41 1GB plan.

“We recognise Superfast 4GEE opens up a range of possibilities for our customers from browsing to gaming to HD movie streaming so it’s right that we increase the breadth of our plans to meet everyone’s needs,” says chief marketing officer, consumer Pippa Dunn in a statement.

EE has also introduced a new £15.99 SIM-only tariff for its 4G network, which includes 5GB of data a month – something that may help the operator poach customers from its rivals, who won’t be launching their own 4G networks until next year.