Daily downloads of the top 300 free apps on the Windows 8 App Store are three times greater than the top 300 on Apple’s Mac App Store, according to Distimo, although it claims the latter rules the roost for paid downloads.

In fact, Distimo says the Mac App Store is shifting five times as many paid apps as the Windows 8 store. The company adds that, one month after the launch of the Windows 8 Store, there are now more than 20k applications available, some 7k more than in the Mac App Store.

However, both stores – with Apple’s focused on computers and Microsoft’s on computers and tablets – still have some distance to go to match the number of apps available on Apple’s iPhone/iPad App Store, which has more than 750k apps, or Google Play for Android, which recently passed 1m apps, or Google Play, which recently passed 700k.

Distimo said that Microsoft also “did a good job in giving local content more visibility in the Windows Store”, with 10% of all applications in the Windows 8 App Store top 300 rankings locally popular only.