Music blogs aggregator Hype Machine has revamped its iPhone app, after selling 66k paid downloads since the app’s launch in May 2011.

Hype Machine 2.0 has been “rewritten and redesigned the app from scratch” according to its App Store listing, including a new design that aims to make it faster to access the most important features of the music-blogs aggregator, artwork sucked down from those blogs, better audio playback and network performance, and remix filters for its Popular and Latest feeds.

Founder Anthony Volodkin told our sister site Music Ally that Hype Machine is also working on an official Android app in partnership with the developer of UberHype, a popular Android app using the Hype Machine API.

They also asked Volodkin how the app had been doing up until this week’s revamp, yielding the 66k paid sales figure. The app’s price has been $2.99 for much of its lifetime, with the occasional promotional drop to $0.99, and a recent increase to $3.99 where it sits now.

The app also has more than 30k active users within the last 30 days, and averages nearly two hours per session, and a retention rate of more than 70%. Judging by the buzz on Twitter around version 2.0, there’ll be a fair few more purchasers in the days and weeks ahead.