Orange has published some results from its annual Orange Exposure research, conducted by TNS, with teenagers’ smartphone usage one of the key areas for investigation.

Orange notes that 83% of 11-18 year-olds in the UK have a smartphone, and 95% in Spain. What’s more, teens in both countries are respectively two and three times more likely to own a BlackBerry handset than the average mobile media user.

That’s good news for RIM, with Orange suggesting that the high price of an iPhone makes it still relatively unpopular with teenagers by comparison.

The research also digs into teenagers’ usage of their devices, claiming that on average, three quarters of teens in the UK, France and Spain “discuss what is being watched on TV using social networks from a mobile device”.

Overall – i.e. all ages – nine out of 10 people use the internet while watching TV, although this ties into an existing debate about just how big an opportunity this is (or isn’t) for advertisers. Orange claims a third of mobile users look at products on their devices after seeing them on TV, while a quarter respond to shortcodes seen in TV ads.

“The research lays bare the significant opportunities for advertisers to monetise and engage with their audience in a responsible manner,” says Orange’s Stephanie Hospital in a statement.

“With teenagers so firmly adopting the mobile as their key device; and adults using multiple screens interchangeably as second nature – advertisers must sit up and harness its potential.”