Online shopping service Fab shifted more than $6.5m of products in the week between 23 November and 29 November, capitalising on Black Friday and ‘Cyber Monday’ bargain-hunters.

What’s more, more than a third of those sales came from Fab’s mobile apps. “For the first time, iPad and iPhone sales were almost equal. Previously we had been seeing more like 60% iPhone & 40% iPad,” explains the company. “iPad also led all other platforms (vs. web & mobile phone) in terms of number of items per order and overall basket size.”

Fab was one of the first online retailers to talk publicly about iPad shopping habits – and particularly the fact that people seem to spend more when browsing and shopping from their tablets.

The company has built a strong community partly through its development of its mobile and tablet apps. Around 60% of its Black Friday week’s sales came from repeat buyers, while its average daily sales were $933.5k that week.

The $6.5m figure is nearly four times the $1.7m of product shifted by Fab in the same week in 2011.