Remember the days when iPad magazine apps were stuffed with videos, animation, slideshows, 360-degree photographs and other multimedia content? Happy times. Well, possibly not for readers…

Here’s Hearst president David Carey, talking at the Mashable Media Summit on Friday: “The industry overshot the interactivity early on. What we discovered is that most people just want the product itself.”

This won’t come as a surprise to many people in the magazine publishing industry, which has been learning fast since the early days of iPad, including the more-recent introduction of Apple’s Newsstand.

Carey told the conference about Hearst’s decision to switch production platforms from Scrollmotion to Adobe and cut down the interactive/multimedia elements, if not do away with them altogether.

He also says that selling products directly from within magazine pages – whether apps or print editions – is a growing trend. “It’s a great convenience for readers, and publishers make money through revenue share. We want you to be able to touch it and buy it. We want to make it frictionless.”

This is happening in the UK too: witness last week’s launch of a fully shoppable app edition of Grazia here.