Among the joys of being an X Factor judge are the ability to perform your own new single to a TV audience of millions. Hence Tulisa’s big reveal this weekend on the UK talent show, complete with a supporting campaign from augmented reality startup Blippar.

Fans can scan the artwork for her new album ‘The Female Boss’ on posters, CDs or screens to watch exclusive videos, listen to track samples and play with a photo-sharing feature.

She’s the latest Universal-signed artist to try AR technology in 2012, following the Rolling Stones and Kiss, although the label group is spreading its experiments between startups – those other campaigns used the technology of Aurasma, while Tulisa joins Justin Bieber in using Blippar.

Elsewhere within the label group, Interscope’s Azealia Banks is the latest artist to get her own promotional web-game – Fantasea – an underwater game where you swim around as a mermaid, collecting stars while the uncensored version of ’212′ plays merrily in the background.

As games go… well, it’s not the worst promotional artist web game we’ve seen, but fans will like the chance to win signed prizes.