Microsoft has confirmed the imminent launch of its Windows Phone Store in 42 more countries, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and a host of countries across Africa.

That takes the company’s mobile apps store to 113 countries, although how significant this will be for developers will depend on how many Windows Phone smartphones are sold in those markets, most of which would be classed as ‘emerging’ by the mobile industry.

As part of the same announcement blog post, Microsoft explains a small but significant new addition to its submission process: a box for ‘Privacy URL’ where developers can provide customers with a direct link to their privacy policies.

Don’t say ‘what privacy policies?’ either. “With ever-increasing attention to app privacy practices, we encourage you to have an adequate privacy notice in place,” advises Microsoft.

It also appears to be cracking down on keyword-spamming developers. “We have decreased the keyword field length to 30 characters to keep the keywords focused on those that best describe your app and to deliver the most accurate search results,” explains the blog post.