Fresh from announcing an $85m funding round last week, Evernote has announced a new line of business: Business! Evernote Business, to be specific: a version of its service tuned for companies.

It’s launching this week in seven countries: USA, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and UK, and costs companies $10 a month per user, with a focus on small-to-medium-sized companies.

It’s a canny idea: Evernote says that two thirds of its users are already using the service for work. “For years, our users have asked us to make a version of Evernote that plays nice at their workplace. The funny thing is that we were looking for the same thing for ourselves at Evernote,” blogs VP of marketing Andrew Sinkov.

The service is based on two key features: Knowledge Collection – storing employees’  meeting notes, spreadsheets, task lists, presentations and other documents in the cloud – and Knowledge Discovery, which then makes all that stuff available to other employees.

A particularly useful feature promises to be Related Notes: as Evernote Business users start to type notes using the company’s apps, they’ll see notifications of existing notes that might be relevant.