With hundreds of millions of downloads of its Talking Friends apps, Outfit7 has a global and growing fanbase of children for Talking Ginger, Talking Tom Cat and other characters. Now it’s taking them in a different direction to capitalise.

I Want To Be Big is a storybook-app for kids starring the Talking Friends, blending 2D cartoon animation and text in a tale of Talking Ginger working out what it means to be a big cat.

The app is a free download, with Outfit7 promising parents that there are no in-app purchases – IAP has been a key feature in many of the Talking Friends apps, so that’s something worth stressing.

How will Outfit7 make money from I Want To Be Big? Partly as promotion for the other Talking Friends apps, but also as an incentive for parents to buy the new Talking Friends plush toys.

Plush toys? Yep, Outfit7 is going down the Angry Birds route this Christmas with a range of three Talking Friends Superstar toys based on its Ginger, Tom and Angela characters.

They’ll sell for £35 each on the company’s own website, and start shipping next week. The twist being that when placed alongside a device running one of several Talking Friends apps – including I Want To Be Big – the plush toys will squeak out “lively and humorous remarks” at specific points in the story.