There’s a very good video discovery app on iOS. It’s called YouTube. And you can bet that every time Google updates the app in the coming months, improving its discovery features will be a big part of any changes.

Even so, a number of companies are launching their own apps to help people discover interesting videos on YouTube and rival services that match their interests. Frequency is the latest to make headlines. It’s been available on iPad for a while, but now runs on iPhone too.

Armed with the slogan “Tune In, Watch Videos”, the app pulls in videos from a range of sources, including those shared by friends on Facebook and Twitter. It looks very moreish in that sense, offering a neat swipey interface to move from video to video.

The cross-platform aspects are also interesting: users are encouraged to create their own channels and add them to a personal “Tuner”, which can then be accessed on iOS devices and computers alike.

The business models for this sort of thing remain fluid, and YouTube’s dominance in the online video sector means the promise of multiple sources isn’t quite as big a selling point as it might seem – although Frequency does seem to be casting its net wide for content.