And still the augmented reality music marketing campaigns keep coming. Robbie Williams is the latest artist who wants fans to point their smartphones at his album artwork.

In this case, it’s a digital advent calendar serving up daily videos, with an additional competition for fans to create their own versions of the album cover for ‘Take the Crown’. Cue 3D animated golden heads created using AR startup Aurasma’s technology.

It’s a bit whizzy, quite fun, and the advent aspect at least may persuade some fans to use it more than once. That said, like many AR campaigns of this type, it raises questions.

For example, how sustainable is the notion of getting people to point a smartphone at a physical product – a CD album – to access digital content? And if they’re pointing the phone at the artwork on a computer screen, isn’t there an easier way to be accessing those videos on that computer?

Augmented reality is still good for a headline or two – yes, like this article – and it does no harm for marketing teams within labels to look like they’re exploring this kind of new technology.

But the digital marketing teams at labels nowadays are smart people: they’ll be sitting down at the start of 2013 and taking a serious look at how these AR campaigns have performed in 2012 before deciding whether to invest seriously in more of them.

As the novelty wears off and AR+Artist becomes less of a story for journalists, labels will be judging Aurasma (and Blippar, and Zappar, etc) on other, tougher metrics.