‘Read it later’ magazine app Pocket has agreed deals with the New York Review of Books and the Virginia Quarterly Review (VQR).

The deals will allow subscribers to the two magazines to use Pocket to save subscriber-only articles to their mobile devices. It follows Pocket’s launch of site subscription, allowing users to log in from Pocket to websites that require a paid subscription or registration.

Pocket editorial director Mark Armstrong told TechCrunch that his company is reaching out to publishers, many of whom are historically wary of these ‘read it later’ services. “If you’re a publisher with a digital subscription or paywall, it’s easy to make this [site subscription] feature available to your readers—at no cost, and with no development work on your end,” he explained on the company’s blog.

“Pocket is committed to helping publishers and readers make the most of save-for-later, and we’re excited to share more news in the weeks and months to come,” he added.