Google CEO Larry Page doesn’t give interviews that often, so his Q&A with Fortune is well worth a read. In it, Page addresses questions about the potential for mobile advertising.

“I think we’re in the early stages of monetisation. The fact that a phone has a location is really helpful for monetisation,” says Page.

“I view a whole bunch of things as additive that you can do on mobile that you couldn’t do before. And I think with those things, we’re going to make more money than we do now. I think there’s no company you would choose that would be better positioned to transition and innovate in mobile advertising and monetisation. We’ve got all the pieces we need to do that going forward.”

Page also laments recent trends in the technology industry, including the increasingly-unfriendly competition with companies like Apple.

“All the big technology companies are big because they did something great. I’d like to see more cooperation on the user side,” says Page. “The Internet was made in universities and it was designed to interoperate. And as we’ve commercialised it, we’ve added more of an island-like approach to it, which I think is a somewhat a shame for users.”