Last night, our parent company Music Ally put on an event in London to discuss what 2013 holds for digital music, with Universal Music’s global head of digital business Francis Keeling saying mobile is a priority.

“I think tablet is going to have an enormous impact actually, just as a far more portable device giving you that improved experience, to find music, to build playlists,” he said.

“You’ve got the ability to listen, but at the same time to be curating, and building. The tablet can give you a much more immersive experience of music.”

Keeling also said that he sees a bright future for third-party apps built using APIs from streaming services like Spotify and Deezer, praising iPhone app SpotOn Radio as a good example.

“Consumers will subscribe to certain services, but I think often their consumption will be through third-party apps,” he said.

Meanwhile, Universal Music would like to see more innovative ad-supported models for digital music, despite some high-profile failures of this model in the past.

“In a world where newspapers and magazines have so traditionally made so much money from advertising, and the publishing world is still vastly ad-funded, we’ve got to look at that market, learn, understand how they’ve done it and how we integrate advertising into our product,” said Keeling.

“Advertising is not something we should be afraid of. We should embrace it, and use it to fund a lot of what we’re doing.”

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