Amid all the attention on Apple v Google v Nokia in the mobile mapping wars, there are some interesting startups working on their own maps technology. US firm Hover is one of them.

It’s just raised $3.1m in seed funding for its 3D mapping tech, which is currently used mainly by military, homeland security and emergency-response clients. The company is planning to move into the consumer space though, hence the new funding.

“With the launch of Apple Maps and investments in the space from Amazon and Nokia, there is clearly an appetite for an intuitive, living 3D mapping offering,” says Sasha Galitsky, managing partner of Almaz Capital, one of those seed investors. ”We believe Hover is well positioned to capture this opportunity and achieve its goal of making 3D maps easy for anyone to use.”

The company also has a new CEO, Kevin Reilly, who joins from ‘geo-referenced oblique aerial imagery’ firm Pictometry, which has worked with Microsoft on aerial photos for Bing Maps.

“I believe our technology will change the way people interact with the world, providing consumers and businesses with actionable insight about their environment so they can plan, communicate and navigate more effectively,” he says in a statement.