Sites like Free App A Day and AppGratis have become popular promotional tools for the mobile games industry, generating millions of downloads for their developers. Now editorial site TouchArcade is getting in on the action.

The US-based site has launched TouchArcade Free Play, promising an emphasis on high-quality games that will have their prices dropped to free for a limited period.

“First off, and arguably most importantly, we’re only going to be featuring games that were well reviewed by TouchArcade, and we aren’t receiving any payment for featuring them,” explains co-founder Eli Hodapp.

“The selection process is purely based on our editorial staff and the generous cooperation of the developers. We are also going try to find quality games that have never been free before… Additionally, they are all going to be real games, as they were originally meant to be played- Not games that are promoted as free as part of a stealth update implementing loads of IAP and in essence turning it into a free to play game in the process.”

The first game getting the treatment is Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD, an RPG by Crescent Moon Games. New titles in the initiative will be promoted on TouchArcade’s site and in its iOS app.

Other editorial sites are exploring the area of free games too: UK firm Steel Media, which owns the Pocket Gamer and 148 Apps sites, has its own Free App Alliance site, although this is more an aggregation play of offers from various other free app sites, rather than an editorial feature like TouchArcade’s.