2012 has been a frenetic year for iOS game releases, but a two-year old title has topped Apple’s Top Grossing iPhone apps chart for this year in the UK: Poker by Zynga.

The multiplayer poker game is one of Zynga’s oldest mobile games, yet it still earned more money from in-app purchases alone than any other iPhone game in the UK in 2012.

Freemium games accounted for more than half the chart, with Kingdoms of Camelot and Bejeweled Blitz taking second and third spots in the list in the UK. On iPad, Apple’s Pages was the top grossing app in the UK in 2012, followed by The Times and Kingdoms of Camelot.

In the US, Kingdoms of Camelot was the top grossing app, followed by Slotomania and Poker by Zynga. On iPad, DragonVale took top spot ahead of Slotomania HD and Comics.