Social TV app Showyou has revamped its iPad app bringing features like auto-play that were previously on the iPhone application to the tablet.

GigaOm explains that the auto-play function allows users to consume videos from their social networks nonstop, with no additional interaction. “Just tap to play a video, then swipe to go to the next video when you’re ready,” Showyou said on its blog. “Too much work? Put the app in auto-play mode. With Apple TV & Airplay and it’s like your own personal TV station.”

Showyou’s basic premise is that it searches your social networks for the videos that your contacts are posting, then aggregates these into a single place. “We use all the social signal data we collect to identify the best videos shared recently by your friends or people you follow,” Showyou explained back in August, when it announced the relaunch of its iPhone app.