iPhone and Android account for 74.6% of smartphones currently in use in the UK, according to comScore’s latest MobiLens research.

It estimates that out of 30.9m smartphones, Android takes a 46.6% share (14.4m handsets) while iPhone accounts for 28% (8.6m handsets). BlackBerry is in third place with a 15.2% market share (4.7m handsets) followed by Symbian (6.4% – 2m) and then Windows Phone (3.1% – 0.9m).

Apple is the single biggest manufacturer of smartphones currently in use in the UK with those 8.6m iPhones, although Samsung is hot on its heels with 7.4m handsets, followed by those 4.7m BlackBerry smartphones.

62.3% of Brits now have a smartphone, behind only Spain’s 63.2% in comScore’s European rankings. Between the UK, Spain, France, Italy and Germany there are 131.5m smartphone users, up 35% in the last year.