Korean mobile games publisher Gamevil has passed 200m total game downloads, hitting what it calls “an exclusive benchmark in the mobile games industry”.

The company said that the result was due in part to its $20m Partner Fund, which is dedicated to publishing third-party titles and has brought in more than 40 developers from around the world to date. Gamevil promised a “successful partnership” for these developers thanks to its own expertise in monetisation and its user base on distribution channels such as the App Store and Google Play.

Gamevil has now hired former Nexon Korea CEO Won Il Sue as SVP of Gamevil USA, where he will lead corporate development and publishing.

“I feel very lucky to be part of this company that has seen such extraordinary growth,” said Won Il Sue. “It’s not only one of the top mobile game publishers in the world, but with the numerous years of experience the company has had in the mobile space, it is an industry leader.”

In may, Gamevil reported 160% growth in its Q1 revenues.