Google Now remains one of the most intriguing mobile services launched in recent times: a personal assistant that aims to learn your habits and help out without being asked. Unsurprisingly, Google is keeping it Android-only for now.

However, iPhone now has a similar app developed by a startup called Grokr. The app, also called Grokr, is a free download and went live on the App Store yesterday (17 December) in the US, although it’s not available in the UK yet.

“Grokr puts an end to ‘find and forget’ search results. Instead, it remembers and gives you relevant information and recommendations based on your personal preferences,” explains its App Store listing.

“Designed to meet the needs of iPhone users with busy, active lifestyles, Grokr continually understands your likes, interests, location and brings you content just when you need it, anywhere you are.”

This includes serving up personalised news, local traffic updates, local product search, and alerts based on music, sport and other interests.

It’s an enticing feature-set, although savvier users may want to know a little more about Grokr and its planned business model before giving it free reign to track their lifestyles. Something that could be said about any service of this kind, of course.

Grokr tweeted yesterday that it’s planning a beta test for non-US countries soon.