YouTube’s downloadable iPhone app has been a monster hit on the App Store this year, after the previous version stopped being preloaded with Apple’s iOS software. One problem: the new version couldn’t upload videos.

Now there’s a separate app for that. YouTube Capture was launched yesterday as a free download for iPhone, with Google saying an Android version will follow in due course.

It’s the video equivalent of Facebook’s standalone Facebook Camera app: a slick, quick way for people to upload videos to their YouTube accounts, with uploads continuing in the background when the app is minimised.

There are extras too: simple editing features including colour correction, stabilisation and cropping, as well as licensed background music for free. The app even reminds users to record in horizontal mode.

iPhone owners can still share videos to YouTube using the default iOS sharing menu. But the release of YouTube Capture should be seen in the wider perspective of Google providing apps as alternatives to core iOS apps, sitting alongside Chrome, Gmail, Google+ and others.