Outfit7′s range of Talking Friends apps remain vastly underestimated in the mobile industry, seen by many as ‘those novelty squeaky-animal apps’ despite Talking Tom Cat and friends having blasted past 500m total downloads.

In fact, the series now has 120m monthly active users according to Outfit7, which is why the launch of a new app is fairly big news. It’s called Talking Angela, and is the latest appearance for female feline character Angela, following her debut in Tom Loves Angela earlier in 2012.

Talking Angela is the latest refinement of the Talking Friends formula: a 3D cartoon cat who repeats words spoken into the iPhone or iPad’s microphone, with other buttons available to interact with her through virtual gifts and customising her appearance. As in Tom Loves Angela, there’s also a text-chat mode to type in questions and responses.

Outfit7 tends to make its money from in-app purchases and ads, although the Talking Angela app will also play a role in its new revenue stream from a line of plush toys: Talking Friends Superstar. Angela is one of three toys available, and it’ll interact with her app.