Sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys may not be to every critic’s taste, but it’s been hugely popular in the UK and Ireland. Now it’s got an official app to capitalise.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys App was released for iPhone yesterday as a 69p download. It contains not one but “multiple soundboards” with soundbites from the show, as well as a translator, ringtones, text alerts and a Panic Button feature.

Oh, and a game: Jumpin’ Mammy, which sounds a lot like Doodle Jump. “See what score you can reach as you jump to the clouds… Mrs Brown will talk to you throughout the game, where you can gain extra points the higher you go and the more cups of tea you land on.”

Will the app be as popular at Christmas as the Mrs Brown’s Boys DVDs have been? We’ll see how it performs on the App Store charts in the coming days.