With 250m downloads so far, ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope games have been one of the breakout brands from the apps era. Now their hero Om Nom is getting an augmented reality spin-off.

The app is called Om Nom: Candy Flick, and it was released for iPhone and iPad this week as a free download. It’s a Paper Toss-style game where players flick sweets into Om Nom’s mouth. The twist being that the virtual character is being projected into the real-world.

Players print out an AR image to place on the nearest flat surface to make the game work, although they can also display the picture on another device – an iPad for example – if they’re feeling particularly technotastic.

Leaderboards add a competitive touch, but Om Nom: Candy Flick is more than just a simple game. It’s the latest example of ZeptoLab’s determination to make its character a bigger entertainment brand.

At the MIPCOM conference in October 2012, ZeptoLab CEO Misha Lyalin talked about Cut the Rope’s multimedia growth, including merchandising, digital comics, Om Nom Stories animated shorts, and a deal with Sony Pictures Television to make a Cut the Rope TV gameshow.

With more than 50m monthly active users, ZeptoLab has a thriving player community to promote all these spin-offs to, as well as new apps like Om Nom: Candy Flick. Meanwhile, the developer is also striking out beyond Cut the Rope, releasing its latest original game Pudding Monsters just before Christmas.