Real World is preparing for the release of a Peter Gabriel remix app called MusicTiles, which is due to go live for iPhone and iPad on 8 January.

The idea: fans will be able to remix Gabriel’s ‘So’ album to celebrate its 25th anniversary, playing with modular tiles to create new versions of its songs, including all-new electronica and industrial mixes.

“I have always loved the idea that music and art should be fully open media from which no-one is excluded. They are languages that anyone can learn to speak and definitely not the exclusive province of the high priests armed with ‘Talent’,” says Gabriel in a statement.

His label Real World is working on the app, with Parlophone helping with marketing.

A number of artists have explored similarly remixable apps, from Bjork and Deadmau5 to Motorhead (no, really, Motorhead). Here’s a video demo of MusicTiles in action: