DreamWorks Animation has teamed up with another famous Hollywood name – Technicolor – to launch a streaming TV/film service called M-GO.

The service, which is going live in the US first, is aiming to take on Hulu and Netflix with a pay-as-you-go model. Instead of charging a monthly subscription, its users will pay for the specific shows and films they want to stream.

M-GO is now live in public beta, and accessible on TVs, tablets, Blu-ray players, Macs and PCs, with consoles and smartphones to follow shortly.

An Android app is already available on the Google Play store, and there are also partnerships in place with Samsung, Intel, Vizio, LG and RCA to preload M-GO on their devices in 2013.

M-GO claims to have a catalogue of thousands of shows and films available at launch, including licensing deals with Starz Digital, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros and (obviously) DreamWorks itself.

An interesting feature: if people search for content on M-GO that isn’t available, it’ll direct them to other services including Amazon, iTunes, Netflix and Vudu. It’ll also support digital lockers including UltraViolet so people can stream films they’ve already bought elsewhere.

The big pitch is simplicity: “Consumers have become used to cobbling their entertainment options together in order to get a slightly satisfying experience — switching from DVRs to subscription services to cable to media stores take time and effort which takes away from the ability to just sit back and enjoy,” says CEO John Batter in a statement.

“At M-GO, we believe consumers deserve a better, simpler, easier, more people-friendly experience and we are on a mission to deliver it – think of us as your Entertainment Wingman.”