Last year, US startup Findables raised $14.5k on crowdfunding site Indiegogo to make an iPhone case incorporating a QR code, describing itself as “… on steroids!”. Now there’s an official app for that.

The case and app enables people to link data to their iPhones, including social networking profiles, work information and contact details if the phone gets lost or stolen.

Its app is free, and was released on the App Store this weekend. “Each Findables phone case has a unique QR code embedded linking users to the mobile app so information can be shared,” it explains, noting that users can create three profiles: Business, Social and Lost Phone.

“Meeting a client? Simply have them scan your Findables case and all your work info pops up on their phone. Be environmentally smart and throw away your business cards forever,” explains the listing.

“Make a new friend? Switch to Social mode, impress them with your tech savvy. Have them scan your case to access your after-hours profile and connect with you later.”

The app is free, but the case costs $34.95 for iPhone 5 and $29.95 for iPhone 4 and 4S in a variety of colours. Cases are also available for Apple’s new iPad and iPad mini, and Samsung’s Galaxy S III.