Conde Nast’s Wired Magazine made half its advertising revenues from digital in the final quarter of 2012, the magazine has announced.

“We just booked 50 percent of our ad revenue on the digital side during the last quarter of 2012,” editor Evan Hansen wrote in an email to contacts inviting them to meetings at the CES show in Las Vegas. “Yes, the beams are about to cross at Conde Nast, but we’re not expecting the world to end. Just the opposite, actually.”

90% of those digital revenues came from Wired’s website, but the other 10% came from its tablet apps and digital issue sales on mobile devices.

VentureBeat adds some more context, noting that Wired made 10% of its revenues from its website in 2006, and also that the magazine’s print advertising revenues stayed flat in 2012 – so the flip to digital isn’t down to falling income from the print edition.

AdAge has some quotes from VP-publisher Howard Mittman, who thinks the digital tipping point should be celebrated by other publishers.

“Hitting 50% is proof that there is a successful template inside of this industry that can be followed by others and that having a magazine doesn’t necessarily need to be an analog anchor around your technological neck.”