Readz launched its tablet publishing tool at Blog World in Las Vegas yesterday, with the aim of lowering the barrier to creating tablet editions for smaller magazines.

Readz offers a theme- and template-based platform, with standardised layouts and drag-and-drop functionality to create tablet publications, Pando Daily reports. Founder and CEO Bart De Pelsmaeker told the tech site that his prime targets are traditional small-circulation publications and brands that want to communicate with their customers, both of whom may not have the time and resources to devote to creating elaborate tablet editions.

Readz has both a free edition for casual users, and a paid platform with increased customisation.

“Our philosophy is that everybody should be able to leverage the power and the promise of tablet and mobile publishing, so we take coding out of the equation,” Readz says on its website.

“With visual tools, we make it easy and fast for anyone to build and publish powerful, intuitive apps that are beautiful and stacked with useful reader features.”