Intel, Plastic Logic and Queens University have unveiled a new tablet computer that is as thin and flexible as paper, the PaperTab.

The device has a flexible, high-resolution 10.7” plastic display, a flexible touchscreen and a second generation Intel CoreTM i5 Processor, all within a device that can, apparently, “be tossed around on a desk while providing a magazine-like reading experience”. Users can, for example, bend one side of the display to navigate through pages, magazine-style.

The PaperTab’s interface is also intriguing: instead of using several apps or windows on a single display, users have ten or more interactive displays (or “PaperTabs”): one per app in use.

Roel Vertegaal, director of Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab, said that using several Paper Tabs in this way makes it easier to work with multiple documents. “Within five to ten years, most computers, from ultra-notebooks to tablets, will look and feel just like these sheets of printed colour paper,” he added