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(408) 315-4714Earlier this week, we wrote about EA / Digital Chocolate founder Trip Hawkins’ plans to return with an educational gaming startup called If You Can Company, working with former Mind Candy man Ben Geliher.

Well, here’s an intriguing glimpse at their plans for a first game: “The game will be a top down RPG for kids, so very stylised in its look and feel. Think Pokemon, Animal Crossing or The Legend of Zelda for an idea of what would be expected.”

That comes from a post on the Unity Developer Network site by Geliher in November last year, a couple of months before the new venture was announced.

As Hawkins revealed earlier this week, If You Can Company will have a studio in London, and is planning to develop with Unity’s platform.

Applying the gaming values of Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Zelda for educational ends is an interesting idea, although no further details of the startup’s plans have been revealed since that forum post.