songkickLive music service Songkick had more than 7m monthly active users by the end of 2012, but it seems a big chunk of its growth is now fuelled by its mobile apps.

“Mobile is where the growth is for us,” CEO Ian Hogarth told our sister site Music Ally. “We get hundreds of thousands of new fans signing up to Songkick every month now, but 60% of them are on mobile.”

That’s the Songkick Concerts apps for iOS and Android, with the latter launching in June 2012, and having already been installed somewhere between 100k and 500k times according to Google’s stats.

The app scans users’ music collections then alerts them whenever an artist they like is playing live nearby.

Songkick isn’t giving an overall mobile downloads number as it’s waiting for “a big one” to announce, but Hogarth does say the mobile growth is making one of Songkick’s challenges even more noticeable.

“Although the adoption and engagement is there for Songkick, the purchasing experience downstream of us on ticketing sites is often not optimised for mobile and frequently light years behind other eCommerce site like Amazon, eBay etc.”