Microsoft logoSony and Microsoft face a difficult year in the console gaming market, according to the Mobile Mavens, as mobile gaming continues to expand.

The site’s panel of mobile gaming industry panels claim that the two tech giants will face stiff competition in 2013 from mobile (naturally), new handheld and TV systems, tablets and “something unexpected”. The panel also predicts that Apple will lose its commanding market share in the mobile gaming space, with Android driving significant revenue in 2013.

“I think we could start to see Sony and Microsoft’s home console market serious undermined by something unexpected or, in the case of Apple, semi-expected,” explains Doctor Monolith’s Will Luton. “The Ouya, GameStick and Nvidia Shield are all indications that companies are ready to challenge them and there’s seemingly a consumer desire. I imagine mobile tech to somehow be embroiled.”

“2013 may be the year we finally kill video games,” concludes GRL Games’ Graeme Devine.  ”I think we’ve got a perfect storm of games moving into the background of other apps (Nike Fuel, Foursquare etc.), games themselves becoming extremely derivative, and platforms that while – OMG – are ever so powerful, are also so fragmented that we find ourselves making an executable for the 3GS, iPad 1, iPad 4th Generation, and iPhone 5 all in one bundle and Android and it’s multitudes in the other.”