condom-sizeWell, here’s a thing: an iOS app that “educates the male population on the proper condom placement and helps determine proper condom size”.

Condom Size also provides its users (we hesitate to call them members) with a world ranking for length and girth, making it the first app – as far as we’re aware – to gamify traditional male insecurities (or pride) about the size of their penises.

We’re not sure Apple would recommend this use for an iPhone or iPad though: “Hold hard member straight against inches or cm on sides of screen,” advises the app in its measurement section. Insert your own joke about needing to use an iPhone or an iPad here, obviously.

Condom Size does have a serious e-commerce aspect, providing links to buy condoms from various brands. It remains to be seen how many men will stump up (so to speak) the 69p to buy it from the App Store.