lumia-920-att-cyan465Nokia posted its latest quarterly financial results yesterday, revealing $10.7bn in net sales and an operating profit of $584m for the final quarter of 2012.

As previously announced, the company sold 4.4m of its Lumia Windows Phones during Q4 and 9.3m of its Asha smartphones for emerging markets.

“We remain focused on moving through our transition, which includes continuing to improve our product competitiveness, accelerate the way we operate and manage our costs effectively,” said CEO Stephen Elop in a statement.

Nokia also confirmed that its 808 PureView handset, which shipped in mid-2012, was “the last Symbian device from Nokia”, marking its shift to a company focused purely on Windows Phone and Asha.

Elop knocked rumours of a Nokia Android smartphone on the head (again) with clear criticism of Google’s stewardship of the platform.

“The situation that Android is facing, where the amount of fragmentation that you’re seeing is increasing as people take it in different directions, is offset by Google’s efforts to turn an open ecosystem into something that’s quite a bit more closed — as we’ve seen quite recently,” he said.

“We’re not in a situation where we’re considering something other than Windows Phone combined with what we’re doing with Asha.”