vineNobody should be surprised that there was porn on Twitter’s new video-sharing app Vine within hours of its release. Seeing the app’s editors actively promote it came as more of a shock, though.

Twitter says the appearance of a hardcore clip as an ‘Editor’s Pick’ on Vine yesterday was “human error” – an error that was rectified quickly, but still led to Apple swiftly removing Vine from its featured spot on the App Store.

The Vine team has taken further steps to dispel the suggestion that its app is packed with porn, seemingly blocking people from accessing videos by searching for hashtags like #porn and #boobs within the app.

Why is this important? Some brands have already been experimenting with Vine, but nothing would scare them off faster than an environment that looks seedy. The spectre of ChatRoulette looms large.

We still wonder if Vine’s long-term future is as a feature in the main Twitter app, rather than a standalone app. And if that turns out to be the case, dealing with the porn issue now is vital before pitching Vine in front of an even larger audience of mobile users.