music-hub-home-175 (1)Samsung sold more than 200m smartphones in 2012, and launched its Music Hub 3.0 service in May, blending cloud-locker, on-demand streaming, personal radio and a la carte track sales.

Exciting, right? But it seems consumers haven’t been flocking to it. “The number of users who are using this service is growing, but it’s nowhere close to our initial expectations,” Samsung’s SVP of service planning TJ Kang tells Music Ally.

“Since a lot of people already have an existing library [of music] we thought many people would benefit from this, but the uptake has been slow.”

Samsung is now working on a new user interface “to expose these new features to the users” while flagging up its rightsholder-friendliness compared to rivals like Apple.

“Just because we are so new, we are a lot more open-minded about the approach. We haven’t really developed a dogma, and we are willing to learn and listen to partners.”