angelas-valentine-androidIf you’re in any doubt about the download-generating clout of Outfit7′s Talking Friends series, check out the latest app Angela’s Valentine on Android.

The app, which stars feline characters Angela and Talking Tom Cat, has been downloaded more than 500k times since its release on 25 January on the Google Play store. A separate iOS version is also available, but Apple doesn’t publish download stats for its store.

In fact, on Google Play, Angela’s Valentine is in the 500k – 1m downloads bucket, so it may well be closer to that seven-figure milestone.

All this without traditional promotion. Outfit7 tends to market its new apps by advertising them within existing Talking Friends apps, including monster hits Talking Tom Cat and Talking Ginger.

The series is now past 600m total downloads, with more than 120m monthly active users and 10m daily active users. Angela’s Valentine isn’t the first romantic app-liaison between the Tom and Angela characters, incidentally. Previous app Tom Loves Angela sits in the 10m-50m installs bucket on Google Play alone.