FootballWeek-cover-01 lrToday sees the launch of Football Week, a new iPad-exclusive football magazine from British publisher Future.

A new issue will arrive every Friday with news, features and ‘datatorial’ based on the English Premier League, with live data feeds from the Press Association during the weekend’s matches.

New users will get five issues for free, before being prompted to pay £3.99 a month, £19.99 a year or £1.99 per issue. Future is using its in-house FutureFolio platform to produce the app, including pulling in those live feeds.

“We said wouldn’t it be great if we could take feeds and, rather than just popping up a website, we could design and style them up, and make them look just as good as traditional not-live production content,” Future’s digital editor-in-chief Mike Goldsmith tells The Guardian.

“It sounds like such a cliche, but there is no manual for this. We’re making something that’s as beautiful as a magazine, but as live and relevant as a website. It’s been really enjoyable, and also a real rollercoaster.”

Future is hoping the new mag-app will continue its run of success on Apple’s iOS Newsstand. The company announced last November that it was selling $1m of digital editions a month on all tablets.