Star trak into darknessThe official Star Trek into Darkness app has launched on the US and Canadian App Stores, allowing fans to join the Starfleet ranks and go on real-world scavenger hunt missions to unlock content.

These missions will see users charged with finding Star Trek content in the real world, by taking pictures of outdoor billboards, for example, or using sound recognition technology to tag the film’s latest trailer. There is also a Map Mission, in which users have to hunt for specific locations, using the app’s Geo-location technology. By completing these missions, users will get access to exclusive content, including videos and wallpapers, as well as moving up the Starfleet ranks.

As previously reported, Paramount and developer Qualcomm are to use this Sunday’s Super Bowl to launch the app, giving users an opportunity to unlock content by tagging audio from a TV spot that will air during the game.

For the moment, there is no sign of the app on the UK App Store. We expect it soon, though, with reports claiming an Android version is also on the way.

Star Trek Into Darkness is released in cinemas on May 17.