Rdio appHere’s another data-point for the mobile-first digital music services bandwagon, from Scott Bagby, head of strategic partnerships at Rdio: “Mobile is key for us. Over 80% of our users are mobile.”

Bagby was speaking to Music Ally as Rdio launched the free tier of its service in the UK, offering people up to six months of free, metered web listening. 13 other countries are also getting the free tier, which debuted in the US last year.

Rdio is planning a mixture of offline and online marketing to raise awareness of its service in these countries, with FM radio perhaps surprisingly playing a prominent role. “The radio partners seem to be a good line of attack, as that’s where people go to learn about music and hear discussions around music,” says Bagby.

“It’s where labels traditionally go to break bands, so it seems like a good place to go to break services.”