iad-logoHow excited is the advertising world about roaming on the new plains of mobile devices? Well, not everybody is enthusiastic.

The Financial Times has a very good two-part feature on the challenges of mobile advertising, noting that even Apple has been forced to drop its minimum campaign-spend commitment for its iAds from £1m to £100k.

“Traffic is exploding, but ad dollars are not keeping pace,” as the FT puts it about mobile more generally

But some industry experts fear that the rise of mobile advertising will also have a harmful effect on wider digital advertising revenues too.

“People were concerned with the transition from print to digital and TV to digital. Get ready, it’s going to get a whole lot worse,” says IPG Mediabrands executive Quentin George.

IDC’s Karsten Weide agrees: “It is going to be terrible. It is going to be disruptive. Mobile is going to have a really negative impact online and on the broader media market.”